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I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you. Or for anyone.

Am I ever going to be good enough for you

I just really want to make you happy. I’m not perfect but I try to be for you

Hurts when you look at me that way. I really honest to God am trying. Sucks when you still look at me as a failure. The one you love most and want to be there for you and understand that I am trying. So what if I’m 23? I’m working two jobs and going to school. It’s not like I’m not doing anything productive. I’m never going to be good enough for anyone.

Little did you know it goes both ways. You find flaws in me, I find flaws with you. You think perfect relationships exist but there is no such thing. And all this for what? It’s not impossible. You’re so sure it’ll fail. But the I love you between us two means something. We both aren’t people to just say it. It’s hard getting over that someone but for what? Because you are not sure it will work and because having fun is all that matters at the moment. It’s not impossible to be in a relationship and still be able to go out with friends. Just chose your friends and places you go wisely. It’ll not just affect us but your own life and future as well. I love you and there’s no other way of saying it but there you go.

"Words can’t explain what you mean to me" 🎶

"Words can’t explain what you mean to me" 🎶

#dc5 #livinlow #semengang #ratchet #acura #rsx #types #typer #stabce #honda #integra #illest #lowerstandards

#dc5 #livinlow #semengang #ratchet #acura #rsx #types #typer #stabce #honda #integra #illest #lowerstandards


This is really fucking killing me. I haven’t been this restless in awhile. What caused you to feel like that? We were fine last night, fine this morning. Then this happened again. Is it something at school that makes you forget about me? I’m sorry if I add more stress. I’m trying to help relieve your stress by doing these little things for you everyday.


I want to call you but I can’t.
I want to go see you but I can’t.
I want to text you but I shouldn’t.
I want you to love me and do it.

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